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T h e V e r m i l l i o n I n s t i t u t e

Steven McQuillin & Associates, Building Preservation Consultants


The Vermillion Institute is a center for undergraduate preservation education, partnering with area colleges and universities to provide students with an introduction to this important field that relates to sustainability, urban design, history and architecture.

It operates from the historic campus of the Vermillion Institute, founded in 1843 as a liberal arts college. It quickly grew to become one of the larger educational institutions in the country with many famous graduates but declined as a result of the Civil War, then served as an academy to the College of Wooster, and later as Hayesville High School, before lapsing into a period of virtual abandonment that last over 80 years.

The grand four-story brick 1845 main building, designed by Ozias Kinney, has been rehabilitated with assistance from the Ohio Preservation Tax Credit and now functions as an educational center was well as the residence and offices of Steven McQuillin & Associates, preservation consultants.


The program consists of a three-week series of courses designed to provide an in-depth exposure to historic preservation. American architecture, preservation law, researching historic buildings, how preservation relates to sustainability and community revitalization, plus such topics as reconstruction, additions to historic buildings and interior design will all be explored. View complete course list

Capitalizing on its location in North Central Ohio, the Vermillion Institute will offer field trips to historic sites, including Roscoe Village in Coshocton, Stan Hywet in Akron and Kingwood Center in Mansfield, amount other places. Recreational options will be offered that focus on our location in the grand Mohican River valley, excellent for bike riding, kayaking and tubing.


Interested students can make an inquiry to the Vermillion Institute or via the college they are attending for more information. The goal is to provide course credit or Winter Term credit for these three-week series, planned for the winter and summer of 2017.


Housing is available at the Vermillion Institute for a limited number of students, with additional housing options within walking distance. Students may also opt to commute. Pickups to and from Cleveland Hopkins Airport can be arranged. Meal options will also be provided. We are in the heart of Ohio's Amish country and there is also a growing local foods market for a variety of choices.


Steven McQuillin is a graduate of Oberlin College and Columbia University's preservation program and has 40 years of experience in the field, including over 30 years as a preservation consultant. Among his projects are numerous National Register nominations, consulting on the rehabilitation of many historic buildings in Cleveland, Sioux City and Oklahoma City, including the historic 1913 campus of GE Lighting, Cleveland's Terminal Tower plus several Early Modern high rise buildings in Oklahoma City. He will be leading the educational program, and there will be other distinguished guest lecturers participating. More about founder Steven McQuillin


If you are considering a career in historic preservation, architecture, American studies, environmental studies, urban planning, sustainability and related fields, the Vermillion Institute offers the opportunity for an in depth exposure that can help you learn and decide how this important field can help with your career. This can be done while fulfilling course or Winter Term requirements at your home institution.

Historic preservation is a remarkable field. Helping to preserve our rich built heritage makes a profound contribution to the future. It also provides a chance to learn about our history, techniques of restoration and a philosophical basis for how we approach the built environment. Preservation promises to be a field of growing importance in the future and impacts many related fields. Completing our course of study entitles you to a certificate and you will also help us achieve a growing reputation as a place where people can learn about this growing field in a setting that is beautiful and educational.


The Vermillion Institute is a grand four-story brick Greek Revival style building that stands on a spacious landscaped lot in the eastern end of Hayesville, Ohio.


Located seven miles from Ashland, the quaint and charming village of Hayesville has 300 residents and contains a restaurant, sandwich shop, market, and movie theatre within its parameters.


Ground Floor

The entire ground floor of the Vermillion Institute is the restored original chapel, our principal lecture and meeting space, fully handicapped accessible.


2nd Floor

The second floor has our conference room around a grand table, the main living room and kitchen plus a guest suite.


3rd Floor

The third floor has three suites plus our grand library with balcony and vaulted ceiling, having numerous books on historic preservation and related fields, plus an extensive collection of Ohio county atlases and wall maps from the 19th century.


4th Floor

The fourth floor is a lounge space and bedroom suite with grand views of the countryside.


5th Floor

The fifth floor is Steve's tower office, with space for small meetings. Ceilings throughout are 10 1/2 feet high and the buildings has modern heating and air conditioning, plus five full and two half baths.